Sunday, August 20, 2006


When I started out on my jog this morning, it was 75.1 degrees F and 61% humidity. Hardly conditions to be ecstatic about. But this is almost 10% lower humidity and 5 degrees cooler than it has been in weeks past. Combine that with the fact that there was pretty good cloud cover and a slight cool breeze, and I was grinning.

This summer, I'm supposed to be running six miles on my long runs (Sundays). As Brian points out, I completely made up that rule. I'm not denying that. Most days for the past two months I've been lucky to eke out three miles. Today I was finally able to do 5 miles. I am ecstatic!

After two months of just not feeling so great after running, I had again started wondering about the hidden heart defects that I had that were making this so dang difficult. I was sure that the next day I went out I was going to keel over dead because there must be something wrong with me; this... shouldn't... be... so... HARD!

Today at the 4 mile mark, the sun came out, I turned so the wind was at my back (and I couldn't feel it) and I started to get hot. Really hot. My heart rate started to climb. I decided that I would not run the full six miles. But I was still smiling. Because now I remember that it does get better. I can do this. I will do this.