Monday, May 07, 2007

Cinco de Mayo 10K

Brian and I ran a Cinco de Mayo 10k on Seis de Mayo this year. It is a really beautiful race and we had perfect weather to make it extra nice.
Unfortunately, I haven't felt so good the past couple of days. I must have caught a little bug somewhere. When I got to the one mile mark, I had felt like I already had run for eight miles. Not a good thing.
So I walked more than I've walked in any other race in my life and finished slower than any 10k I've run in my life. At least I was still enjoying myself and enjoying the beautiful course. It was a pretty tough one to run because of the hills but I walked most of those and just ran the downs.
Brian came back for me like usual. He was a huge motivation and talked me into passing by three people that I had no intention on passing before he met up with me.
Speaking of Brian... He ran a personal best at 39 minutes! That's fast!
Now for the Mexican breakfast... They ran out. They're going to be getting a letter from me about that. I was very disappointed. Maybe next year Brian will get a plate for both of us as soon as he finishes like I suggested.