Monday, February 18, 2008

Resting metabolic rate

I had to post this little blurb because I know I've been victim to believing this before...
When I first started dating Brian, for example, I was amazed as to how much he could eat and remained as thin as could be. "Lucky him", I'd say to myself as I tried to refrain from eating that second brownie.
After a few years, this darn voice in the back of my head - you know, the one that uses reason - keeps telling me that perhaps Brian's body type has a whole lot more to do with his perpetual motion than anything he's got going in his genes. And it turns out that reason prevails again.
The following summary appeared in a Runner's World blog:

Don't Read This If You Want To Blame Your Metabolic Rate For The Extra Pounds
Many overweight people blame their resting metabolic rate for their problems, insisting they just weren't meant to be lean. Those folks won't like this new report from the well known Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The researchers followed 10 lean and 10 obese women over 14 days, measuring both their resting metabolic rates (RMR) and their total daily energy expenditure (RMR plus movement calories). Result: There was little difference in RMRs between the lean and obese women. However the obese sat 2.5 hours more per day than the lean, stood 2 hours less, and moved about half as much. The difference amounted to about 300 calories per day. And that, of course, is equivalent to 31 pounds a year.
Source: Obesity.

LDM 2008

Brian and I traveled to East Mesa this weekend to participate in the Lost Dutchman Marathon events. While none of us actually do the marathon, the whole family participates in three of the five races.
Missing this year was Steve and Denise. Steve, everyone missed your exuberant cheering for the runners. And Denise, I thought about you about a zillion times while I was running (especially the dirt hill at the turnaround - arrgghh - the hill). I forgive you for not being there this year (9 months and 7 days pregnant, after all) but you were sorely missed.
Dale, Barb, dad and Carolee participated in the 2 mile fun run/walk. Barb mentioned after the event that she is interested in walking the 8k next year. (I have to write that down here in case she suffers from amnesia next year.)
I ran the 10k and barely squeaked into a new P/R. I feel really calmly happy about it. Last week, I had a long conversation with myself concerning my expectation that every race will be better than the last, and beating myself up if it's not. It seems to have worked because I didn't even look up my last P/R to compare it with as soon as I got home. Now this is an attitude I can carry with me until I'm 85.
The big news is of course, Brian. We all blew it again and left the race with everyone forgetting that Brian would most definitely be receiving an award at the awards ceremony. He earned himself 2nd in his age division - 4TH OVERALL!!! He's freaking insane! Brian finished the half in 1:24:25 - an average pace of 6:26 per mile. This from a guy who was telling me he wasn't prepared to race this distance.