Sunday, November 14, 2004

Amsterdam plans for March 2005

Brian and I just bought tickets to Amsterdam. I've been to Europe several times now and never been to Amsterdam, which I've always wanted to see the most.
Travelocity had a pretty good deal on tickets so we just had to do it. March 9-16 will still be kind of cold but it's worth it. Amsterdam is also only a 2 or 3 hour drive from Sebastian so we can say hello to him too.
I looked a little into hotels last night. The best one so far is a boat that is docked on one of the canals. The whole boat is ours alone (it's only a 32-foot boat). I'm pretty sure that would be a uniquely Amsterdam experience!
If you have any favorite things to do in Ams. or in the surrounding areas, please add them to the comments of this posting. I will be gladly accepting ideas!

Bad Book

Last night I gave up on a book. To those of you who know me, you know that I don't give up on books. It takes a pretty bad one.
"The Ghost Writer" by John Harwood isn't poorly written. Nor does it have any glaring plot mistakes. What it is, is boring. I got to page 260 (the book is only 369 pages long) before I finally decided that Harwood wasn't going to stop drawing out long and ridiculously boring stories. His characters in the novel are completely void of personality. The characters seem to be more confused by their emotions and certain plot events than the reader is.
It got some really good reviews. Don't buy into them. More importantly, don't buy it.

A Goal

I've recently started jogging. Man, it's hard!
It started as a bet that I made with Brian. (doesn't everything?) I bet him that no matter how much I trained, I could never run farther, faster or better than I could when I started. Turns out that I was wrong (of course) and it only took me one month to get significantly better.
It's kind of fun after you get into it. Now I have signed up Brian, Brian's brother Steve and Steve's wife Denise to run the Tucson Marathon Relay with me on December 5th. So wish us well and think of us while you're sleeping in your warm cozy bed that morning.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Casi takes a tumble

At Jojo's birthday party, Casi takes a tumble ala Brian launch. Don't worry, this didn't break her spine completely.

My dog Sadie

My dog Sadie occasionally likes to dress up.