Sunday, January 14, 2007

Running Socks

These are a pair of running socks that dad got me for Christmas this year. They are probably a $50 pair of socks but they are really awesome.
Somehow, they get what feels like an inch of cushion under your feet without changing the fit of your shoe. All the cushion is under your feet and the thickness of the sock gets thinner on top -- without any seams.
And what are the cool little tabs on the back? I thought they were for cushioning your heel against the shoes lip but I think that Brian came up with a better idea: they keep your sock from slipping down your heel.
These are great socks and I recommend that everyone get a pair no matter how much they cost!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

9.75 Miles

I thought I was stuck at eight miles.
I only have six weeks until I am attempting a half marathon at the Lost Dutchman (13.1 miles) and I was getting seriously worried that I was stuck at eight miles.
I'm pretty tired but thanks to my friend Lorien and her information about glucose absorption rates, I'm doing great. Maybe I'll make it after all...