Sunday, December 24, 2006

Life imitating art (or Steve having a bit of fun)

Holiday Brunch

The morning after the company party, we drove up to Phoenix to have the annual Zacher holiday brunch at Gainey Ranch. Lots of really good food like always. The highlight this year for Brian was their chicken waldorf salad and for me it was the mint chocolate cookies. What a great time.

Holiday Party

Our company party was last Saturday night. I would post a picture of Brian and I but most of you already got a picture of us that night (it was our christmas card picture). So instead, I'll give you a picture of Carolyn taking a picture of me. It was a fun night with lots of good food, conversation and dancing. It's kind of nice to see your coworkers all dressed up and acting (almost) like adults.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tucson Marathon Relay 2006

Year three of team Relative Insanity.
This year the team is only 50% relative but we had stellar substitutes to help us get through the day.
Everyone did fantastic and it was such a great day.
What a blast!

A Real Family Portrait

This is as close to a "family portrait" as this family gets. We're just not the Olan Mills kind of people.

Consider this your picture holiday card.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Turkey Trot 2006

This is me waiting for the start of the 2006 Mesa Turkey Trot. This one was a little sad because Brian couldn't run with me this year. But he did get to stand around in the cold and take pictures of me standing there like a dork. Yay!

The whole thing came out okay. I still died at mile 4 but this time I had a good reason: When I started, I saw a lady that I ran behind at the Lost Dutchman 10k last Feb. I can't believe I recognized her but she has a very distinctive run so I was positive it was her. Anyway, I asked her if she ran the Lost Dutchman and she did so I said that I was going to try to be hanging right behind her. And I did. For 3 miles. And then I couldn't. MAN, had she gotten faster or what? I guess someone did a little better training than I did this summer :)

So I did quite a bit better than last year but only in an irresponsible way. I have known for a while now that I could go a lot faster if I walk/run but I'm doing this for fitness and keeping a moderately high heart rate for a longer period of time is much harder, so it's got to be better for you, right?