Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Book

I know that Barb will be wondering so the fantastic book I finished read today was "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. (There's a little accent on the o in Zafon but I don't know how to do that :)

It was long but a very good read.

Solar Update

Folks, we are doing fantastic. Those little panels sit up on the roof all day and all night (although that doesn't do us much good, does it) and produce power. Quietly, cleanly, not so efficiently (but hey, who's perfect?) producing energy.

Last month we used net zero energy. This month, we produced more energy than we used. Here's the updated web page with the cost chart

What a fantastic life!

Sorry. That sounds kind of self-important doesn't it?

It's just that I love this time of year in Tucson and everything seems so perfect. The flowers are blooming. It's warm enough to walk around all day in shorts. Everything smells like growth. Just perfect.

Today Brian and I went to the Pima county fair. I pet a zebra and a water buffalo. I saw a humongous cow (or steer I guess because it was a he :) that was just adorable. He let me pet him too. We saw that they had deep-fried twinkies but I still cannot get the gumption to order one. (I am curious though.)

They had this really cool display of old engines as well. Brian was fascinated. Of course, he gets that stuff. He had all kinds of questions for the guys running the display when all I saw was some wheels and pulleys and pistons and things.

We also saw a tractor pull which is neat to know about but not that fun to watch. They hook up the tractor to this long platform which increases the load for every foot that the tractor pulls it. I guess the point is to see how far your tractor can pull. Get this - there's weight classes! Isn't that funny?

On the way home, we went by this new home development that was giving $100 gift certificates to a restaurant just for showing up at the model home. It was the best deal. They gave us the gc as soon as we walked in the door and so we just slipped out 5 minutes later! I'm sure the builder wouldn't be happy about that. Anyway, they're ugly houses and a ton of money for ugly but I won't name the development in case y'all out there like them.

So I finished a fantastic book today, went to the fair, got a $100 gift certificate and my arms got a little pink. Now you see why I say it's a fantastic life...