Friday, February 27, 2009

Running to work

For Christmas, my dad gave me a Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch. The corresponding software keeps track of these runs, lets you compare runs, and can even export to kml format for displaying your route in Google Earth. The above is the map and data from my run into work.
This has become one of my favorite runs. Mostly because it feels like I'm cheating to run into work - so like a child running to school in the morning. But also, as you can see by the elevation profile (green line), it's a really nice gradual descent so it makes for a rather easy run.

Lost Dutchman Marathon 2009

Actually, just a half marathon this time. And my first official. Beautiful weather for running (although a little cold for the spectators), beautiful scenery and a really fun course made this a very enjoyable race.

I wasn't feeling 100% going into this one, so I didn't have a time in mind. I was just going to run however fast I felt like at the moment. That may be a good method, because I ran a very respectable 2:08:33. I did have the goal to run the whole thing, no walk breaks at all. I almost did that, except for one very large hill. (Do I admit here that walking up that hill made me breathe harder than when I was running?)

Brian couldn't make it this year which was kind of sad. I thought about him when the lead halfers had doubled back and were passing me. It was fun to think of where Brian would have been. This year was pretty fast for this race, he would have had some serious competition.

Denise and her friend Annie did the 10k. Try as I might, I wasn't going to be able to get back in time to watch them come in. My family tells me that they did awesome and looked like they enjoyed it.

The rest of the family, including little Ryder, did the 2-mile walk. Such troopers to show up in the dark when it was freeeeezzzzzing.

A picnic afterwards with birthday cupcakes for dad finished the day nicely. I even had a seat to myself on the shuttle back to Tucson. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday.