Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mesa Turkey Trot 10K

I finally pestered Steve and Denise into joining us for Mesa's Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot events.
Denise had the idea of wearing the crazy hats. I think that it paid off because some photographer took our picture at the race for a local newspaper!

Brian and I both beat our personal records for the 10k at this race. 39:18 for Brian! He was 33rd out of 2,224 overall and 2nd in his age division! Hooray for Brian.
As for me (drum-roll...) 64:55! (watch-time) Hooray for me. I have moved from the 90th percentile to the 53rd percentile in three years!!!
There's too many exclamation points in this post so I must end now!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fort Bowie National Monument

Because the town of Bowie, Arizona was a little bit of a let-down, we decided to check out Fort Bowie National Monument. So we drove about 10 miles south of Bowie on a increasingly rough road to reach a parking lot at the trailhead of the Fort Bowie trail. There was a sign that pointed to "Historic Fort Bowie, 1.5 miles".
After hoofing it about 3/4 mile, we came upon the original cemetery but it only had one original headstone in it. It was still kind of cool though. After another little bit of walking, we came to a reproduction wikieup. We took a few pictures (on Roman's camera, sorry) and then moved on. Finally we arrive at the remains of Fort Bowie. There is a cabin there with a park ranger that can answer all kinds of questions. He explained to us that because of the lack of water for hundreds of miles, the spring near the Fort was an important resource to defend. Of course, it was originally the Apache's spring so that is who the Fort was stealing, er defending the spring against. Anyway, lots of bloodshed and fighting over this spring. It was a large fort with lots of people. It would have been so weird to be there back then. So isolated, it would be like going to live on Antartica but it seems so mundane now. Anyway, here's a picture of me in front of the remains. In the glare of the sunlight you can see the original steel flagpole which was kind of neat that they preserved it in the same place as the old photos show it.
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Bowie, Arizona

Brian, Roman and I headed down to visit Bowie, Arizona the day after thanksgiving. Let me answer some questions you may have concerning this trip.

#1 - Where?
Bowie, Arizona is a VERY small town near the Arizona-New Mexico border. It is about 2 miles from I-10 and doesn't see many visitors.

#2 - Why?
As everyone knows, Bowie, Arizona is the birth place of the fictional character Rambo. It seems that Germans, or at least the German that was in the car with us, is way into Rambo and remember the mention of Rambo's home town from the first movie. It seems that Rambo was born to an American father and a German mother. Perhaps that is why it is interesting to them? Beats me.

It turns out, and this may be surprising to some of you, that there is NOTHING to do in Bowie. Half of the buildings are boarded up and the other half seem to be the target of the town's pyrotechnic teenage population. There was a mini-mart that was open and had the friendliest lady working the counter. She was happy to tell us that Bowie doesn't really have much and she herself lives in San Simon down the road. But her mom was born in Bowie and still lives there, bless her soul. This lady was really sad to inform us that there was not a single Rambo monument in the town. So after eating at the Subway on I-10, we took some pictures and went to Fort Bowie National Monument. Here's a picture of the main street of Bowie though to give you a sense of what the town was like: