Monday, January 23, 2006

Solar Stats

We are rocking on John McNair power production. For more details on our solar production, see

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Problems With Technology

Further evidence that we are all the same all over the world...

Cake Walk (not really)

Yesterday at Safeway they were having a kind of cake walk. Brian and I were picking a carrot out when they made an announcement on the intercom about having a drawing for a free cake in 2 minutes. Brian grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the bakery and we found a little purple number to stand on. I took #10 because my normal #6 was taken by an old lady who was working very hard at ignoring my comments about how #6 is my favorite number.

Anyway, it all washed out because they called #10! This is what is left of the cake. It is okay cake but the frosting is nasty.

Do they have german chocolate cake in Germany? What is it called there?

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Brian and I went out to check out our community's luminaria display. It was pretty chilly out so Brian was way happy to sit on the cold curb to get this picture in the dark.