Monday, December 29, 2008

My First Marathon

A marathon is quite the experience. I don't think that there is a more beautiful marathon to run than the Tucson marathon. But man, do you pay for that beauty. You pay with every step as you perform a 26.2 mile semi-controlled fall down a mountain. I spent as much time as I could reminding myself to look around and enjoy the time. The view is of the North side of the Santa Catalinas and no spectators for miles at a time. It's just quiet and beautiful.

I'm quite proud of myself over this one actually. I was so nervous the night before that I didn't sleep more than an hour. There was no need to be nervous though. Brian joined me at the half marathon mark and ran the last half with me. It was a real treat as we don't usually run together. He had kept telling me in the weeks leading up to it but I was stubbornly refusing to believe him: I had trained the hell out of this event. I was ready. I was at the peak fitness of my life I think. All it felt like that day was a little longer than usual training run.

I won't lie to you though. Everything you've ever heard about the last 6 miles is true. The mile markers seem to come at about 5 miles apart, and I almost had a mental break down when I saw the mile 22 sign. I could have sworn that we had already past that one and that sign was supposed to say mile 23. I don't like to think too long what would have happened to my disposition had Brian not been there, quietly laughing at my manic moment and reassuring me that no, the race directors were not repeating the same mile marker sign over and over.

I had the best 'curb crew' ever. My dad, Carolee, Steve, Denise and Ryder were there the whole time cheering me on and joining me for portions of the run. You guys truly made the miles go by faster. Thank you.

I'll close with some ripped-off pictures. I just love the first picture because the photographer caught Brian while he was trying to get out of the photo.