Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spaghetti & Beanballs

Brian and I ventured out a little from the usual oatmeal and bean burritos tonight. We made Spaghetti & Beanballs from Veganomicon. Some of the strangest-sounding recipes in this book make some of the tastiest food!

At first, Brian expressed a little hesitation. Then when I pointed out that they were completely smooth and devoid of any gristly bits that you get with meat or sausage, he grew to like them. In fact, by the end of the meal we were both in agreement that we liked them much more than sausage or meatballs. Of course it could be that we are completely brain-washed by Isa's funny and energetic recipe introductions... I really recommend the cookbook to anyone that likes to experiment with food.

Bon appetit!