Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The other white meat

Brian has always kind of chuckled when I quote this old pork ad. I just thought it was my amazingly humorous delivery.
It turns out that he's laughing because the whole thing is a sham! Pork is not the other white meat. It may look kinda lighter than beef but nutritionally, you might as well have yourself a big old slab of cow.
My RealAge newsletter the other day sent an email reminding me that as a general rule, red meat should be limited to one serving per week. AND... AND... that pork counts as red meat!!! Can you believe it?
Now I know that some of you out there are saying "duh, bacon". But you have to realize that I'm just about meat-illiterate and it never occurred to me that there wasn't also a "bacon cut" on a cow. You know, bacon was just the most ridiculously fatty part of the pig. I thought that the health aspects of bacon had more to do with the cut than the animal.
Luckily I don't really like eating pig so now it is pretty easy to convince Brian that we should never eat it again. BUT There is this fantastic Losbeto's near us that makes beef green chile burritos that I don't think I could go longer than a week without. So I guess we know how my once a week quota is going to be filled... until I convice them to make a chicken green chile burrito!

On cheesy running songs

There's something about hard physical exercise that makes even the cheesiest of things seem so emotional.
Lately, one of my favorite running songs is "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. Crazy right? While I'm sitting still here writing this, I can hardly stomach the thought of piping Eminem directly into my ears.
But when I'm out on the road and I'm hot and I'm tired and I have less than a mile to go, I fast forward to this song and it is just so darn motivating. It starts with a very cheesy instrumental part, then he starts talking about how hard life is or something like that and then there's this snippet: "oh there goes gravity". I swear that gravity does let up for a split second after that line and I feel great.
Later on in the song there's some line like "feet fail me not cuz maybe the only opportunity I got". I know, I know. I hope that everyone out there is rolling their eyes. At that point I always have a little thought about how lucky I am that I have such a healthy body that always comes back from the abuse I dole out.
Inspiration can be found almost anywhere.