Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And while I'm away...

...Brian will play.

I gave Brian an auto-darkening welding helmet for his birthday this year. (Well actually, Chrissy gave Brian the helmet which I had purchased before hand since I'm in god-forsaken Northern Germany.)
It looks like he likes it and wears it everywhere. Even to brunch with his parents.

What's left of the wall.

I went to Berlin last Sunday and got to see where the wall was. There's a chunk of it saved outside of a store right near Brandenburg Gate. You've probably seen Brandenburg Gate before. It's the big arch that is always behind Hitler in his speeches.
Anyway, it's very cool and kind of unbelievable to stand in a spot that has changed so significantly in my lifetime.
It was kind of a quick trip but while we were in Berlin, we also saw the monument with the big gold angel on top and olympic stadium.
The weather was nasty though so we only got a little bit of time to walk around when it wasn't raining and absolutely freezing.
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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunny Tomato Pickin'

Look who I caught feeding Sadie tomatoes from the garden...
I don't believe any of the complaining now about Sadie stealing them.