Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tiananman Square

Here are Brian and his parents with their very serious "Chairman Mao faces" on.
This is actually a picture of Tiananman Gate which is across the street from the square.
A very interesting place. Very historical and I thought, emotionally-charged place. There were lots of people that were "fixing their camera" for long periods of time. I guess it's known that there are plain-clothed police in the square listening for any sign of dissent but it was still weird to actually be able to spot some of them.

The Great Wall!

What an amazing experience. We just got back from our China trip and everything seems kind of like it was a dream.

The highlight of the trip for me was The Great Wall. It all seems unreal that I was actually standing on this centuries-old structure.

I hope this is not the section that they run the great wall marathon on because it was very steep stairs the entire length of this section, no flat parts here.