Sunday, October 28, 2007


Finally the shower is over and the cake doesn't have to be a surprise anymore.
For Chrissy's wedding shower, I made a cake with fondant icing. Now before you go making fun of my lumpy cake that you see in the picture, let me explain that the cake is a Rice Krispie treat cake. Chrissy's mom used to make her cakes out of Rice Krispies so I thought I would make her her childhood favorite. I now know that her mom just piped icing on the edges but I thought it would be fun to have the rice krispie part inside be a surprise to Chrissy when it was cut.
I've been wanting to experiment with fondant for a while so this was the perfect opportunity. I looked around online and found that most people hate the taste of fondant and it is used only for looks. The worst tasting fondant is apparently the Wilson brand one that is sold already made at stores like Michael's (I've never tried it, just read a LOT of complaining about it). A few more hours of looking and I finally found a recipe that people seemed to like. Even better, it's main ingredient is marshmallow, which fit the theme of the cake itself quite well.
The final product turned out to be delicious and even with a warning to the guests that the icing may be more for looks than taste, I noted mostly empty plates, including the icing.
I encourage anyone to try this. With normal smooth cakes, I think the look would be very professional but pretty darn easy. Here's the recipe for anyone who would like to try:
Happy baking!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Brian's 10 Mile Race

The results are up and I just had to post about Brian's incredible run yesterday. He clocked in at a 6:22 pace. That's one second slower than his record 10k he did back in May!
Apparently he went out too fast at the beginning so he was light-headed at about mile 5. He was determined to stay ahead of some random guy that he picked that was pushing the pace from behind. Anyway, he did it, he's still alive and after some time laying on the sidewalk immediately after the finish line, he was still able to come run the last mile with me. What a guy.
BTW, this race was fast. I mean fast. Where do these guys come from? Out of 415 runners who completed the 10 mile race, an amazing 19 of them broke 6 minute pace.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Get Moving Tucson 10-Miler

After almost 3 years of 10k races, I participated in a 10 mile race today. Phew. Those extra 4 miles are just amazingly hard.
It was a very enjoyable course though, winding through downtown Tucson and through the UofA campus. It almost took my mind off the punishment that I was dealing to my legs. Of course I was so stressed at the beginning thinking that there is no way I was going to be able to run 10 miles. But once again, my negativity failed to get the best of me. With only a few walk breaks in the last two miles, I managed to put together a pretty good time.
It always helps to have Brian come back for me and this time was no exception. I found him chatting up the water ladies at mile 9, ready to hand me a gulp of water before diving into the talk about how I was going to 'take the guy in front of me'. Well, I don't think I took anyone that last mile but I did complete another race with a smile. That has become my goal because it is almost guaranteed that I'll get the announcer to remark on how I'm "still smiling after 10 miles".
The best part of the race before the finish line: Going over three bridges downtown. What fantastic scenery.
The best part of the race after the finish line: Easy. Chocolate-covered bananas!