Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Facial Recognition

Over at myheritage.com, you can upload a picture of yourself and it matches you with celebrities that look like you. I'm not sure about this, as I don't think that I resemble any of these people. Brian thinks that the Sally Field photo is 'almost eerie' in its likeness.

Just for completeness, I tried to match Sadie's face. No luck. I thought maybe Lassie would be in their celebrity database...

Eight Miles!

In three days, I have made a miraculous recovery from my head cold. So miraculous that I thought that I would try to do some running again today.

Wowee! I ran eight miles! (I keep spelling it out because it seems so much more significant that way than just typing the measly one-character 8.)

I have to say that eight miles is about twice as hard as 7.3 (my previous longest distance). I feel pretty good though. And I have a really neat fine grit of salt all over my face that I keep trying to lick off.

Now I have a step-back week (where I decrease the number of miles I run so that my body can recover) and then start stepping up again to a maximum of 10 miles! I can't believe how far I have come in the last two years. And to top it off, I am injury free so far.

The tortuga conquers!


Boy am I clever. When I posted "Jet Lag", I didn't even realize that I was using the literary technique of foreshadowing. I am so clever that I missed it until now.

Friday I flew back from Germany, in a race with the cold developing in my head. I woke up Friday and thought that my throat felt a little funny. I thought maybe it was the overload on cigarette smoke that always gets my sinuses in an uproar whenever I am in Europe. By the time I was flying over Nova Scotia, I realized that I was developing a full-fledged head cold.

Landing at the Dallas-FortWorth airport was the second most painful thing I have experienced. Second only because I had to take off again about an hour later. I kept checking to see if blood was pouring out of my ears yet but I made it home with eardrums intact.

Being sick is pretty awful. The only good thing is that I don't feel as guilty when I sleep for 12 hours, wake up just in time to go to Taco Bell and finish eating just in time to go to bed again.