Sunday, June 15, 2008

And... She's... Down.

I was so dead-set against the idea that my painful throat could possibly be strep that I refused to think about it. Until the middle of last Wednesday night. This is when it started to feel like swallowing would be okay if I could just get around the 7" chef knife that was lodged sideways in my throat. I'm not even exaggerating that much. It was some of the worst pain that I've ever had.
Luckily, I have a very generous friend who happens to be a doctor. Said friend is so generous that she offered to see me the same day that I pose questions to her about the white nasty-looking stuff on my throat Thursday morning. I'm convinced that I'm being a terrific wimp but a combination of Brian's nagging and all the web sites that list horrible complications of untreated strep, finally cajole me to take her up on her offer and drive across town and let someone stick a swab into my throat. (Did I mention that said generous friend was also covering for another absent doctor that day? I'm talking GENEROUS. Thank you, friend.)
Anyway, after the medical assistant had gathered enough of my germs on the swab and taken it back for THE TEST, I started filling out the forms for the doctor. This was kind of a funny part because the forms are asking about medical history of me and my family. This doctor happens to know my family. Even the crazy ones. So when the form asks about any known mental issues in my family, it's hard not to write something like "duh" in that blank. But I refrain so the form is completely professional.
So in waltzes the doctor looking pleased as punch because... I have strep. She pledges to me that she doesn't look happy because of my suffering but rather she thought she would never hear the end of it if she had talked me into coming to her office for her to advise me to "go home and take some aspirin and rest". I also think there was a little bit of glee because of how adamant I had been that "this could not possibly be strep throat, because I've had that before and I know, this is not strep".
Two days of antibiotics later, and I can swallow without excruciating pain. Another day and I can swallow without excruciating pain without even ibuprofen! And on my next-to-last day of antibiotics and I can almost remember what feeling good feels like.

Lessons learned:
1. 15-hour work days are not the best idea if you "feel something coming on".
2. It's okay to take ibuprofen when you are in pain.
3. When you're sick, you are SUPPOSED to sleep a lot. Let go.
4. I have one of the kindest friends around. Thanks doc.