Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Trot

Brian and I finished a 10k turkey trot yesterday morning.

I was so completely tired at 5 miles that I was thinking of walking a little bit. Then I see Brian walking back toward me and he's cheering everyone on. I flagged him down and he came over to run the last mile with me. I think that everyone should run with a personal Brian.

It seems that since I've changed my "usual" run to 4.4 miles, my body is now okay with that distance but as soon as I reach that distance, there is a huge urge to quit running. I think the best thing for me now would be to vary my distance daily.

Brian of course completed in 41minutes. 10th in his age division. I'm so happy for him. And it's none of your business how fast or not fast I was.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


I got lots of vaccinations yesterday for my upcoming travel. It will be my first time traveling to countries where disease is prevalent and vaccinations highly recommended. I got a lot of holes in my arms.

I got shots for:
typhoid (,
yellow fever (,
hepatitis A,
hepatitis B, (
polio (,
tetanus and diptheria ( and
meningococcal (

On top of those, I got a tuberculosis test (which is another hole in my forearm) and anti-malarial drugs that I have to start taking a week before leaving. Phew!

Have fun reading about all these nasty diseases.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sneaky Post

I am supposed to be putting together the neighborhood newspaper right now.

That's what Brian thinks that I am doing and that is why he is currently doing dishes after making dinner and getting the mail and feeding the dog and basically doing everything. I just got the idea that it would be super sneaky fun to post and then see how many days it would take for him to bring it up.

I'll let you know.