Saturday, February 05, 2005

Another day in San Antonio

Last night after work Gary and I went down to a restaurant on the Riverwalk. I think that every town should have a Riverwalk in the middle of it. It is the coolest thing. It's not so much the river but the hundreds of restaurants and shops and entertainment right along it. I really like when a city has something like this to get people together and out and about. I don't really get that since I'm not an especially social person.

I guess that I'm going to go back to work for a few hours. Tomorrow I get to find the alamo, see what that's all about and then maybe I'll watch the superbowl commercials (of course with my book to read during the actual game :)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Okay, Now I'm Tired

Woke up at quarter till 4 this morning in Yakima Washington. Took a prop plane to Seattle, sat there for 2 hours, took a very crowded plane to Phoenix, sat there 2 hours. Accepted a bump off the plane to San Antonio for travel vouchers. Sat in Phoenix for another 3 hours. Just got in to the hotel.

Pretty tired but I looked out my window and can see the river belonging to the highly touted Riverwalk. Can't wait to see this place in daylight...