Sunday, May 01, 2011

Attic Insulation

Since we moved into the new house, Brian has been obsessing about the little to no insulation in the attic. Apparently, a lot of remodeling has meant that parts had been taken out or trampled down quite a bit.
So this weekend we rented AttiCat! (That's the machine that Brian is standing next to.) This machine takes those packs of pink insulation and fluffs them to 16 times their size in the package. The "fluff", to use the technical term, shoots out the hose that Brian is displaying.
The whole thing took about 3 hours, including talking to the neighbor about it :)
I was person #1; the person to cut and break the bags in half and shove them into the side of the machine. Brian was person #2; he had a remote on the end of the hose and would turn it on and off as he crawled around in the attic.
Very fun Sunday!
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