Friday, October 11, 2013

My First Broadway Show

My friend Jessica is in NYC to goof off before the Atlantic City Marathon this weekend. So with one day in NY, I asked her the things that she would like to do. The 9/11 memorial and a Broadway show were on her list. So yesterday morning we headed over to the memorial under a very grey sky to visit that.

The memorial is done really well and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The museum doesn't open until this spring, but I'm not sure that it would add anything for me. I think the value of that must come with younger people that weren't old enough on that day to remember the emotions connected to the tragedy. 

After the memorial, we headed up to Times Square for lunch, people-watching and hopefully to find same-day tickets to a show. So in a pizza place, I browsed the web. We wanted to see something light-hearted and fun, but everything selling at same-day (for the limited amount of money that we wanted to pay) were dramas - and depressing at that. Jessica mentioned Book of Mormon, so I looked them up directly. It turns out that they do a lottery every day for really good tickets for $32! Awesome! We went over there to make sure we knew where to be at 4:30. While we were there, some people were trying to get tickets to that evening's show, and we overheard that the only available tickets were $477 each! To make a long, exciting story short, we did not win in the lottery. In the meantime, we discovered that they do standing room tickets and that was first-come, first-served. Those tickets were $27 each. We went back and forth on the wisdom of standing for a performance when we are supposed to run a marathon this Sunday, but in the end couldn't pass up seeing the show for $27. So we bought tickets and were in. They only sell 30 of these tickets, so we got lucky that we were so close to the front of that line.

So I stood and watched The Book of Mormon last night. It was a really good play. A silly, light-hearted musical that pokes fun at just about everyone. Amazing talent, amazing sets, just a great show. It was so entertaining, I didn't really think about how sore my legs and feet were getting, but I have to say that sitting on the subway home really felt great.

Now, I'm on the bus heading to Atlantic City and trying not to stand AT ALL today. We'll pick up our race packets at the expo today or tomorrow and see what AC has to offer. Wish me luck at the race with very tired feet... It was worth it!

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