Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And what do I do? Alternately: What the real housewife of Queens does all day.

Jen asked, so here goes. I'll write down what I did yesterday. It's not very exciting. But that fits right in with the name of this blog, right?

8am: Returned from run. Ate, stretched, showered, ate some more.

9am: 'Played' on the computer. This means catching up with people on FB, balance both checkbooks (switching banks when everything is on autopay sucks), worked on ultra training schedule for this fall, looked up how to get to Atlantic City from here, read about snow-shoeing ultras and relays and read the New York Times (I highly recommend the 12 weeks for 99 cents deal they have this summer).

10:45: Took Sadie for a walk around the neighborhood. It was cooler than it has been, so I was trying to give both of us some more time outside.

11:00: Rode my bike to...

      1. The community gym. I wanted to look around and see if it was worth joining. I'm still a little worried about how I'm going to train for an ultra this winter with the amount of rain this place gets. This gym has an indoor track, so I thought maybe I could make that work some days. The track was maybe an eighth of a mile at the most - could you imagine doing 30 miles on that? Although it was crowded, there were some open treadmills. But I've never ran farther than 6 miles on a treadmill. I never found weight machines, and the free weight room was overrun with way too much sweat and testosterone. I got discouraged and left. I'm not sure what I was expecting... a miracle? I'll save signing up for this for the day I actually get desperate.

       2. The Home Depot. Our toilet seat has been really annoying me. We have a round toilet, but some genius put an oval toilet seat on it. This was my big surprise for Brian today. I also got a few other doodads that we've been needing to get our bikes hung over the stairwell. I have one bag that attaches to my bike. It is just big enough to fit a toilet seat in it. I didn't count on this, as I had lots more places to go.

        3. Carmel Grocery. This little place in Forest Hills is a real find. I had found it because Brian couldn't find any place that sold fresh-ground coffee when we first got here. This place has that (and Brian says that the coffee is pretty darn good), but the big thing is their spreads. They make a hummus that is probably one of the best that I've ever had, but even better than that, they make various eggplant dips that are AMAZING. Did you hear that Kurt? YES, I SAID AMAZING. And I mean it. So I got 3 different kinds of coffee for Brian, 2 more eggplant spreads to try and a piece of baklava for lunch dessert. BTW- Their baklava is really good too, just overshadowed by the amazing eggplant spreads.

       4. Walgreens. To pick up my prescription. Which of course, took way longer than it should. It seems they had a problem filling the prescription without insurance paying for it. I told them I don't have insurance, I want to pay cash. So after 10 minutes of typing, I was able to do that. What the heck are they typing in there?

       5. Forest Hills Bagels. OMG. I haven't had a NY bagel yet. Wonderful. I had an everything bagel with veggie tofu cream cheese on it. I should have had it just plain to savor the bagel a little more. It's soft on the inside, but has a tiny little crust almost like a croissant on the outside. It was really good.

       6. Key Foods. This is a 'regular' grocery store. I was out of tortillas, and this store has them much cheaper than our usual grocery store. A word about tortillas here in NY - they're AWFUL. At least, if you buy anything called a tortilla. They have the most horrible ingredient list, and they're mushy and tasteless. However, if you instead look at things that look like tortillas, but are labeled wraps, they are more reasonable. Of course they're not as tasty as tortillas back home, but they're an acceptable substitute. Anyway, I got a few bags because they seem to last a really long time (probably not a good sign, huh?).

2pm: So after this, my bag is overflowing and it weighs about 35 pounds, so I figure I should go home. My bike is highly unstable in this configuration, because the bag attaches on only one side of the bike. So I ride back across the parkway as cautiously as possible. It's also heating up, so I figure I need to get home so that I can lift my bike back up the stairs to our place without suffering heat stroke.

2:30: Crash on the couch to cool off and watch a documentary that I don't think Brian will want to watch.

4pm: Walk to the library to return one book (Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks) and pick up another (Walter Cronkite's letters to his wife during WWII). This took a really long time because I took Sadie, and then when I got there, realized there was no safe place to tie her up. I was trying to figure out whether I had to walk all the way back home or not, when I realized that the kid that was so interested in Sadie could be recruited to hold her for a couple of minutes. This worked out well, and I should have bought him a Slurpee, but I didn't. Next time.

4:45: Put the toilet seat on. I don't want to talk about how long this took. But I did it!

5:45: Read my book.

6:30pm: Brian is home. Eat gazpacho. Taste new eggplant spreads. (Awesome!) Eat watermelon. Watch Prohibition, part 2. Fall asleep on the couch because I'm exhausted from overheating again today.

There's a little glimpse into my totally glamorous life. Today so far is less interesting with mostly research on some software that I've been putting off for a while. This housewife of Queens is a coder :)


Jenji said...

Thanks! Very glamorous!
How bout some Q&A...
Do you have AC?
How's the house coming along?
What's it like to hot have a car?
What touristy things have you done so far?
Have you tried any restaurants yet?

Shelley said...

Sure. Here's some A...

We have a temporary solution for AC while we're still battling the coop board. We have a portable unit that is quite sufficient except that it is really loud. I cannot spend a long time with it, because it literally makes me crazy. But at least I'm not sweating and I'm sleeping soundly in the cool air.

The house progress is totally dominated by the AC. I haven't started any other projects (esp. painting) because I know that as soon as we get going on AC installation, they'll be cutting holes in the plaster ceilings and making a mess of walls, etc.

To not have a car... Interesting. It does take longer to get around of course, but it's really nice not dealing with traffic. The hardest part is strategic grocery shopping. More trips so that you can carry less = more meal planning than I usually do. I'm still adding to the list of things that get delivered regularly with Amazon Subscribe & Save. I have NO IDEA what people do without that.

Touristy things... We've done one double-decker bus tour that Brian's parents gave us last Christmas. That was nice, but you don't really get to see much as you whiz past it. I'm finding walking tour podcasts now. That seems like a great way to see the city. We also went to the highline. That was on my list as the most interesting thing that I wanted to see. It was awesome. And I should make a post about it.

Restaurants... Of course. The easy thing to do if you don't want to carry a lot of groceries is to just eat out all the time :) We've found a lot of really great food not very far from us. Our closest one has the world's best falafel. That's not very healthy though, so we're trying not to go there all the time. And... this inspires another post. Phew!

Jenji said...