Saturday, July 13, 2013

The High Line

First on my list of things to see in NYC was The High Line.

I had read an article on it (in National Geographic?) a couple of years ago and had been thinking about it ever since. I think I was intrigued by renewing a space by working with it instead of the usual clearing out and starting over.

I loved it. I think it's an awesome idea. I kind of wish that the pedestrian bridges in down-town Tucson would have had a larger vision like this. It makes for such a nice pedestrian experience. Of course, I recognize that maintaining landscape is a much more costly endeavour in the desert...

Brian liked The High Line a lot. I knew that he would be positive, but he was surprised with what a great feel the place had.

And now I find that there is a group that is trying to do the same thing in Queens. Too bad they're not farther along. This would be within walking distance of me.

After the park, we had lunch at a fantastic place in the West Village. It's called 'SNice, and their "vegan panini with smoked tofu, basil, pesto & sun-dried tomatoes" have inspired countless sandwich creations from Brian.

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